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Using the DMXzone Shopping Cart

“Learn how to shop on DMXzone ”

Today is a big day for DMXzone. With the launch of our much anticipated Shopping Cart things are going to change for better. Combined with the new design enhancements, purchasing new products is easier than ever. We made everything simple and clean and adding extensions to your basket is just a click away. Below we made a manual for you on how to use our new Shopping Cart.

The Story

Purchasing with a Registered DMXzone Account

  • Signing in - If you're already a DMXzone member, simply login with your username and password.
  • Purchasing products - To buy a product all you need to do is hit the "Add to Cart" button. We also labeled each extension if it's already purchased, available upgrade, in cart and more...
  • Multiple purchases discount - The more extensions you add to the shopping cart the greater discount you get. Volume discounts apply to the following products:
    • Any combination of DMXzone Extensions (no 3rd party extensions)
    • Any combination of e-Books

  • Pricing for a single product - When buying a single product, in the shopping cart, you can see the price for a single license of the product, the Sales tax (if applicable - EU members only) and the total cost of your purchase. You can also change the number of licenses at any time from the Qty drop down.

  • Pricing for multiple extensions - In the shopping cart you can preview the applied discount to each product you add, along with information about the total discount on your purchase.
  • Sales Tax - European law requires us to calculate 19% VAT when selling our products to private persons. If you have a business in the EU and you have valid VAT number, you can enter it during the checkout process. The number will be verified online and if it is valid you won't be charged VAT.
NOTE: According to the law, Holland residents are charged with VAT regardless if they provide VAT number. The reason is that DMXzone is registered in Holland.
  • Using Promo codes - Occasionally we will provide Promo codes for additional discount. In order to use it, simply add the code in the Promo field and apply it.
  • Payment methods - Now you have the opportunity to pay for your products via PayPal. direct Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard) or with Wire transfer. Choose the one that suits you the best and proceed with the payment.
  • Download and Install the products - Once you're done with the payment you will be navigated to your purchase that contains all the needed Serial Numbers for installation and direct download buttons. You can access this information at any later time in your DMXzone Profile under My Products tab.

Purchasing without a DMXzone Account

Non-registered users follow the exact same procedure as the registered but before proceeding to payment they're asked for name and e-mail address, where we send the confirmation email with serial number and additional information.

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