Facebook Product Presentation Design Kit Released

If you want to reach more people outside your home page, there is one easy way to do that - social networks. A fast way to promote your products and engage new users is Facebook. With that in mind we made our latest design kit - the Facebook Product Presentation Design Kit. It includes the updated Facebook Fan Page tool along with two other DMXzone extensions and a template. Make stunning fan pages and add them to your Facebook, showcasing new products or making special offers for your fans. You can easily customize the template and use it on multiple projects and if you have the required extensions, you can buy only the Template.

Now the Facebook Product Presentation Template is on sale, get it only for €19/$26!

Facebook Fan Page Got Recharged

A well executed page is the first step to make your customers notice you, but don't stop there. Social networks such as Facebook can help you boost your traffic. Create awesome fan pages and insert them into your Facebook page as a custom tabs with our newly updated Facebook Fan Page extension. With this new version we improved the fluid page height in Facebook for responsive designs, bettered the Test Runner to also support fluid height, for optimal local preview and more.

For a week you can take advantage of the special price of the Facebook Fan Page and save €10/$14!

Present Your Products with Style with Our Lastest Collection

Today we have another fantastic collection for you called HTML5 Presentation Collection. It includes five DMXzone extensions which will help you create great looking and sounding presentations for your products. You can add different sound effects or whole songs, give more depth to your sliding container and add description for your presentation. This collection takes advantage full advantage of the HTML5 and CSS3 so you can view your pages on any desktop browser or mobile device.

Show the Forecast in Stunning Parallax Slides

You can use our HTML5 Parallax Slider to divide your content into different slides, reducing the amount of information shown on screen. By now we have created several showcases with various presentations of products and made awesome looking galleries, so today we used the HTML5 Parallax Slider to build a forecast page. In every slide we have a city with some additional information and prediction for the next three days.

What You Missed This Week
Just before the weekend starts, here is a recap of this week. Our HTML5 MP3 Player got updated. With this new version we improved the compatibility with our latest extension the HTML5 Parallax Slider, IE10, Windows 8 and more. We also created two new collections for you the HTML5 Designer Collection and the HTML5 Media Collection which include some of our best HTML5 and CSS3 driven tools. Make sure to check out the showcases we made for you. Until next Wednesday you can purchase the HTML5 MP3 Player on special price and save €10/$13. Below you can find a complete list of DMXzone content.
Add Music to Give Live to Your Page

To make a really good and stylish website, you need a few things - good content, presentation and to be easily accessible. But don't stop there, with the modern technologies you can do almost everything. In today's showcase we took advantage of the newly updated HTML5 MP3 Player and combined it with the HTML5 Parallax Slider to add different songs in our page. This way you can elevate your site to a new level.

Get the HTML5 MP3 Player on a special price for only €25/$35!

Bring Sound and Video to your Page with the HTML5 Media Collection

With today's update of the HTML5 MP3 Player, which comes with great improvements and new forces, we also included it in our HTML5 Media Collection along with other amazing DMXzone tools. With this new package of extension you can add sounds, videos and great parallax slider presentations to your website with just a few clicks. Below you will find a showcase that will show you how easily you can add sound effects to the changing parallax sliders!

HTML5 MP3 Player Comes with New Powers

Adding sound effects and even whole song to your page enhances the user experience. You can achieve that with our HTML5 MP3 Player, which comes to you with a new update. With this new version we added compatibility for the HTML5 Parallax Slider, improved the Fancy Red and Blue design for longer song titles, added support for IE10 and Windows 8 and more. You can read the full list below.

Until next Wednesday you can get the HTML5 MP3 Player on a special price and save €10/$14!

One Collection to Design Amazing Websites

We've been working hard on developing new Dreamweaver extensions, featuring the latest technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3, and today some of our most popular and recent ones come together in a fantastic 10 extension HTML5 Designer Collection. The DMXzone Collections are the easiest way to save more money when purchasing extensions and only the extensions that you don't own will be added to your shopping cart. So explore this amazing collection and see what we packed in it, along with a number of useful showcases and video tutorials!

Make Your Product Presentation More Interactive

When you are introducing your products, it's not enough to have a great looking image of your product, you need to make the presentation pop-up in your customers eyes. In today's showcase we achieved that, by making our page more interactive with the HTML5 Parallax Slider. With it we were able to adjust the speed for our image and elements, creating better visual impact on the users.

For a few more days you can get the HTML5 Parallax Slider on a special price and save €10/$13.

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