What You Missed This Week

If you were unable to follow us on a daily basis during the week, in this article you'll find a list of videos, showcases and blog posts that we published the last five days. The most important announcement that we made this week was the official release of DMXzone Bootstrap, which is the perfect solution for designing CSS based and responsive web layouts, directly in Dreamweaver. The extension is available for free download so if you still don't have it do not hesitate and get it now. Also, we added 50% discount on our DMXzone Nivo Slider and DMXzone Tabs extensions until next Wednesday. Check out the full list of DMXzone content below.

More Design Inspiration and Ideas with DMXzone Bootstrap

Today, we have two more designer showcases to inspire you in your projects, where we used the newly released DMXzone Bootstrap Dreamweaver extension. Also, you will see how to implement the DMXzone Nivo Slider and DMXzone Tabs to present your content the best possible way and impress your website visitors. Check out what we created below and note that the DMXzone Nivo Slider and DMXzone Tabs are on sale with 50% discount until next Wednesday!

Responsive Nivo Slider and Tabs with Bootstrap

Today with the increasing usage of smart phones and tablets responsive websites became a must for everyone that want a fully functional and adaptable for different devices site. In today's showcase we will show you a page that's been designed with DMXzone Bootstrap, where we used a responsive grid layout that took us just a few minutes to assemble. Also we added images in a beautiful slideshow with the help of DMXzone Nivo Slider and added info for the products in DMXzone Tabs, that will be found on the bottom of the design.

DMXzone Bootstrap Released and for Free!

Today, we are happy to announce the official release for DMXzone Bootstrap, the tool that will save you tons of work when designing CSS based, responsive web layouts. It's already available for free download so download, install it and enjoy its power, directly in Dreamweaver. To make this release even greater, we featured the DMXzone Bootstrap in a showcase together with DMXzone Nivo Slider and DMXzone Tabs, and the result is stunning so check out the demo page below.

Until next Wednesday, the DMXzone Nivo Slider and DMXzone Tabs are with 50% discount so get them now and start designing beautiful pages.

DMXzone Bootstrap in Action on the Web

Just a day before we made the DMXzone Bootstrap available for free download on DMXzone, we have designed a stunning showcase, which has a fully responsive layout that looks great on any device. Also, to make it even more impressive, we combined the fluid grid layout with DMXzone Nivo Slider, where the images are presented in a beautiful slideshow. Check out the showcase below and see what you can achieve with only two Dreamweaver extensions!

Discover the Magic of Twitter Bootstrap in Dreamweaver

The upcoming DMXzone Bootstrap is the easiest way to design a website layout within four minutes, directly in Dreamweaver. To prove and show you how we did it, we filmed a video where you can explore the features in this powerful tools and follow the process step by step. The design is fully responsive and looks amazing on any mobile phone, tablet and modern desktop browser, so check out the video below.

DMXzone Bootstrap Features Unveiled

Just a couple of days before the official release we unveil the features that our developers packed in the DMXzone Bootstrap extension. With its awesome 12-column fully responsive grid, this extension is the best solution for designing web pages layouts in just a few minutes. The great design view integration offers quick adding/deleting of cells, rows and containers as well as merge and spread of cells. These and many more features you'll find below in our Features in detail.

Stay tuned for the official release of this Dreamweaver extension on Wednesday.

DMXzone Bootstrap to be Released Next Week

As we announced earlier this month at the annual Adobe Max Conference, DMXzone has been working on extension that provides complete support for Twitter Bootstrap in Dreamweaver. With the DMXzone Bootstrap you'll have a crafty tool in your hands to edit your layouts fully visual in DW design view and experience the great bootstrap power with its responsive grid. This and many more comes on DMXzone next week so stay tuned.

Creative Studio Template Now Available for Free

We received so much feedback about our last week's Creative Studio showcase that we decided to turned it into a Dreamweaver template and today, it's available for free download in our Templates section. If you missed this stunning page, below you will find the showcase and a video tutorial how it's been created. Note that you need to have the HTML5 Parallax Slider and DMXzone Nivo Slider installed in order to be able to install and edit/customize the template in Dreamweaver.

Animated Page Elements and Location Map

To build a simple page with location for your business has never been easier, but to make it fancier and more attractive for your visitors you need two of our Dreamweaver extensions - Advanced CSS Animator and DMXzone Google Maps that will help you animate any CSS property and add beautiful Google maps. Below we give you a great idea how you can combine them and design such awesome page.

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