Using Feed Genie as an Image Source for HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery
In today's video tutorial we will show you how to use the Feed Genie extension in collaboration with our newly released HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery. We put them together in order to use the Feed Genie as an image source for the gallery. If you still don't have the HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery you can get it now on a special price and save €10/$12.
HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery Released and with a Special Price

The waiting is finally over because today marks the official release of our next crown jewel - the HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery extension! This amazing tool is all you need to create beautiful image galleries and have each image titled and with description. If you missed the features in detail article or the showcase where we showed it in action, no you can do it on the HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery product page. We also designed another demo page, where our newest Dreamweaver extension meets the famous DMXzone Lightbox.

Until next Wednesday you can get this extension with €10/$12 discount so hurry up!

HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery in Action!

There is only one day left until the official release of our newest addition to the DMXzone extensions family - the HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery, and today we will show you how it works in the browser. For this showcase we created a simple gallery with images that flip on mouse click and which can be dragged across your screen. Also the images have description on the back for an awesome post card look. Check out the demo below ans stay tuned for the release tomorrow!

HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery Features Unveiled

Two days before the official release we show you the awesome features that our developers packed in the HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery extensions. From stunning flip effects to dynamic galleries and collaborations with other extensions, everything is possible. Below you can check out what makes this Dreamweaver tool easy to use and tomorrow we will give you a sneak preview of the gallery in the browser so stay tuned!

What You Missed This Week

This week we updated our DMXzone Timepicker extension. Some of the improvements include better jQuery code, added Afrikaans translation and more. You can read the full list on the product page. Additionally we made a demo and a couple of video tutorials to show you some very useful tricks with the File Genie PHP/ASP and the Responsive Supersized Design Template. Until next Wednesday you can purchase the DMXzone Timepicker with 50% off. Below you can find a complete list of DMXzone content.

HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery Coming Next Week!

Our developers have been working hard on a new extension called HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery. Creating polaroid-like galleries has never been easier. You can drag your images all over the screen and present them with different flip effects. Also you can add titles and description, and have them pop out on hover. This and many more awaits you Wednesday next week, when we will release it. Stay tuned for the features in detail on Monday!

Inserting File Download Links Using File Genie PHP/ASP

In today's video tutorial we used the improved version of our File Genie PHP/ASP extension in order to create downloadable files with links, using the File Genie's bindings. Check out the movie to see how easy it is to create a simple table with names and links for download, directly in your Dreamweaver.

DMXzone Timepicker Improved and on Sale

Today our famous DMXzone Timepicker got updated. With the help of this crafty tool you can add time fields your web forms for better user experience. Some of the new improvements include updated jQuery code, added new Afrikaans translation and more. To show you what you can do with this extension we made another video for you. For a week you can get the DMXzone Timepicker with 50% off!

Using the Responsive Supersized Design Kit

In today's video tutorial and showcase we will show you how to edit the Responsive Supersized Design Template, using the extensions that are featured in it, in order to create an awesome Wine list page with amazing images and great navigation. Check them out below and make sure to get the template soon, because until tomorrow it comes with a special price! If you still don't own the template and the tools you might want to check out the Responsive Supersized Design Kit as well!

Note that if you own some of the extensions they will be automatically excluded from your order when you purchase the Responsive Supersized Design Kit.

File Listings, Navigation and Deleting Files with File Genie

Last week we updated our famous File Genie PHP/ASP. With the added compatibility with the HTML5 Slideshow and the DMXzone Nivo Slider these galleries can have any folder as image source. Today we are going to teach you how to make a list of the files in any folder and display their size, create a folder list navigation and how to delete files using File Genie in a few easy steps. We also updated the user manuals so now you have all the needed information packed together.

If you still don't own these useful tools for the next couple of days you can still get them with 50% discount!

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