DMXzone Data Importer and Exporter to be Released Next Week

Just before we head for the weekend, we have amazing news to share with you. Next week we'll release not only one but two awesome Dreamweaver extensions. DMXzone Data Importer and DMXzone Data Exporter are the tools you'll be needing if you need to export data from CSV or XML files, and also import data to your database. But more info you'll find about these two on Monday. 

More Power for File Upload and Google Maps

We have two improved extensions this week. The latest version of DMXzone Google Maps 2 features support for Google API Key as it is required for authorized Google Maps usage, so make sure to update your extension as soon as possible. Also HTML5 File Upload already includes new options for cleaning up file names. You can replace spaces with underscores in file names, replace diacritics/accent characters with ASCII and strip all non ASCII chars from file names.

Until next Wednesday you can get DMXzone Google Maps 2 with discount so hurry up if you still don't have it. 

Data Grid with DMXzone Extensions

With just one day left until the end of the sale for Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator, we have one more showcase for you to check out. While our developers are still working on the second generation Data Grid extension, we used a few DMXzone extensions and crafted one, which you can search, sort and even more. So make sure to explore the demo and see what you can achieve with our latest tools.

What You Missed This Week

It's Friday and it's time to take a break for the weekend. If you couldn't follow us during the week, here you'll find what was going. We released a brand new addition to the Bootstrap 3 collection, called Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator. Also, you can check out DMXzone Bootswatch, which will help you customize your Bootstrap 3 Generators. 

Customize Your Bootstrap 3 Generators with Style and Color

You think your paging, tables and forms lack style and color? Well, we have just the right tool to combine with your generator extensions. DMXzone Bootswatch is not only a free extension but also features 15 different Bootstrap 3 styles to make everything bright and shiny. Of course, this great collection of themed swatches can be modified even further through the CSS to suit your needs. So make sure to check out the examples below and get it now.

Dynamic Paging Generator is Here!
It's ready, it's great and it's already available! Meet Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator, the next awesome addition to the Bootstrap 3 extensions collection. This great new tool lets you generate paging fully automatically, without a single line of code, so make sure to check it out. Until next Wednesday Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator is on sale and you can get it with even greater discount if you already own DMXzone Paginator. 
Getting Started with Dynamic Paging Generator

Just a day before the official release, it's time to get you started with the upcoming Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator. We made two video tutorials, which will guide you through the process of creating paging from a repeat region and creating paging from paged database query. So make sure to watch them and stay tuned as Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator will be available tomorrow.

Inside Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator

We're starting the week with the promised insights about our upcoming Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator. Below you'll find a more detailed overview of the features, which include client side repeater paging, server side paging with server action and paged query, and many more. Stay tuned for the video tutorials tomorrow and the official release on Wednesday.

Auto Generated Paging is Coming Soon
It's already summer and the holiday season has begun but our developers are on fire to bring you amazing extensions and next week won't be any different. One more amazing addition to the Bootstrap 3 family will make an official appearance. It's called Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator and will allow you to auto generate dynamic paging in seconds, without a line of code. But more about this awesome extension you'll find about on Monday. Until then, enjoy the weekend and stay tuned. 
DMXzone Calendar 3 Meets Server Connect
Our developers are currently working on handful, new and amazing Dreamweaver extensions, which we'll release pretty soon. Until then, they found the time to improve our DMXzone Calendar 3 and add support for Server Action Data Sources from DMXzone Server Connect. With this said, make sure to update to its latest version or get it with discount until Wednesday if you still don't own it!
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