HTML5 Media Collection
This great collection of DMXzone extensions lets you organize and present your media content in a great looking slides.
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Productivity – Make your website sound amazing!
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Productivity – Create the Perfect Ambiance with Amazing Music Visualizations
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Productivity – Meet the Future of Web Video!
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Photo & Video – Slide any content and create stunning 3D depth illusion

  • Basic Usage of HTML5 Parallax Slider
    Design – Learn how to use the HTML5 Parallax Slider functionality
  • Creating Multiple Slides at Once
    Design – Add multiple slides with a single move in HTML5 Parallax Slider
  • Using Stop Playback Behavior with HTML5 MP3 Player
    – Auto stop the playback when the DMXzone Lightbox is being closed
  • Basic HTML5 Video Player
    – How to insert an HTML5 Video Player on your page
  • Using Custom Controls with HTML5 Video Player
    – Navigate the HTML5 Video Player with any element
  • Adding Background Shapes Bouncing on the Sound of the HTML5 MP3 Player
    – Adding Shapes Reacting on Different Frequency Ranges

George Petrov

George PetrovGeorge Petrov is a renowned software writer and developer whose extensive skills brought numerous extensions, articles and knowledge to the DMXzone- the online community for professional Adobe Dreamweaver users. His expertise in countless languages and technologies gives inspiration and teach valuable lessons on his website – which is most popular for its over high-quality Dreamweaver extensions and templates.

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