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HTML5 Media Collection

“Organize and present your media content in a great looking slides”
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Note: HTML5 Music Visualizer is and Add-On and requires HTML5 MP3 Player extension!


HTML5 MP3 Player
HTML5 Music Visualizer Add-On
HTML5 Video Player
HTML5 Parallax Slider


  • Snowmobiles Showcase

    For this showcase we made e simple page to introduce our products. With the help of our HTML5 Parallax Slider extensions, we were able to create four slides. In every slide we have an image and four ...

  • Album Preview Showcase

    For this showcase we only used HTML5 MP3 Player in order to create a music catalog.

  • HTML5 Video Player Showcase

    In this showcase you can see how easy it is to embed a YouTube video in the HTML5 Video Player that runs smoothly on all modern browsers.

  • The NightClub Showcase

    When the music starts you will see the background shapes bouncing on the sound of the HTML5 MP3 Player! Each of the colorful squares, circles and triangles are attached to the bass, middle tones ...


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