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Coding Efficiency for Beginners: Write Reusable Code

“Learn how to write less code while getting more done”

In this article the author shares some of the tips and tricks that he has picked up over the years. As the best coders write the least amount of code it would be useful for the beginners to learn how to code efficiently and how to leverage old code to be reusable.


The best coders write the least amount of code. Sounds a little counter intuitive doesn’t it? But it's not. Now an experienced coder might be writing 3D engines which are obviously many more lines of code than someone writing a menu. What I'm getting at is that if both a junior and senior developer solve the same problem, the senior developer would have written less code.

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Daniela Vaseva

Daniela VasevaDaniela is writing tutorials, news, newsletters, and update emails for the DMXzone specialising in the sphere of electronic processing, analysis and publication of texts, and interested in the development of new Internet technologies and problems related to the cyberculture and net literature. She has a bachelor's degree in Bulgarian philology, and a master's degree in computational linguistics.

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