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10 Super Useful WordPress Shortcodes

“10 real time-savers for all WordPress users”

Shortcodes are real time-savers for all WordPress users. They allow you to do complex tasks easily, just by inserting the shortcode in your post editor. Today, I’m glad to show you 10 new and super useful WordPress shortcodes to boost your productivity!

  1. Display a snapshot of any website
  2. Add a PayPal donation link easily
  3. Obfuscate email addresses
  4. Create private content
  5. Embed a PDF in a iframe
  6. "Free only" content shortcode
  7. "Retweet" shortcode using Tweetmeme
  8. Display the last image attached to post
  9. Embed YouTube videos
  10. Embed a RSS feed
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Lubov Cholakova

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