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Coding Flexible Web Layouts in HTML5 and CSS

“HTML markup and CSS styles”

Web standards are in evolution and continuing to refine how we structure our content. There are many open source platforms which allow rapid prototyping and development of new features in just a few days. As web developers it can be difficult to keep up with such fast-paced times.

Luckily with the rise of advanced standards we’re seeing less requirements to create amazing website layouts. No longer are you required 8+ hour coding sessions just to churn out a product draft. Along with the tips below we’re also sharing some popular and free HTML5/CSS templates to download.

Expandable templates are the easiest way to cater all visitors to a site. They also contain useful source code to study and brush up on the latest syntax. As such, layouts which expand and contract based on browser resolution will fare much better in the general consensus of the web.

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