DMXzone Design Templates Improved and on Sale

This week our DMXzone Designs & Kits got more powerful as we updated all of the design templates with improved Dreamweaver installer, optimized CSS for faster loading with comments for easy customization, and latest versions of the required extensions. We also included them in our DMXzone Updater so now you can easily follow the updates and install them instantly, directly in Dreamweaver.

If you still don't have some of these amazing templates, until next Wednesday you can get them with 30% off each so hurry up!

New DMXzone Updater for Dreamweaver 12.1

Couple of weeks ago, Adobe launched an update for its Dreamweaver, exclusively available for Creative Cloud users. Along with the reorganized insert panel it turned out that in the new 12.1 version, extensions were not visible in the Extensions Manager and therefor we were forced to update our DMXzone Updater. With our newest DMXzone Updater 1.6.0 you can continue to track your DMXzone extensions, get notifications and download the latest versions instantly. Check out the complete list of improvements below.

Upload Multiple Files, Rename them and Store into a Database

In today's video tutorial we'll continue to explore the power of Pure PHP Upload 2 and its Pure PHP Upload Add-on Pack, but this time when combined with Advanced Multi Uploader. We'll show you how easy it's to manage and upload multiple files securely, rename and store their new names into a database. You can read more about the Advanced Multi Uploader extension on its product page.

Creating Dynamic CSS3 Drop Shadows

Two weeks ago we released the DMXzone CSS3 Drop Shadows Dreamweaver extension, which gains more and more popularity. In today's video tutorial we will show you how easy it is to create dynamic CSS3 drop shadows by using repeat regions in a few easy steps. If you still don't have this awesome tool, you should check out the other videos and demos we created with it on it's product page.

What You Missed This Week

This week we have three new updates for you. Our Pure PHP/ASP Upload Add-on Packs are here with new versions. With their help you can delete files before records or updates, rename uploaded files and more. The other extension that we updated is the Ajax DataGrid, a powerful tool for creating different datagrids in just a few minutes. With this new version we added jQuery 1.7.2, better support for Dreamweaver CS6 and others. Make sure to check out the demos and videos we made for you. Until next Wednesday you can purchase the Ajax DataGrid with 50% off! Below you can find a complete list of DMXzone content.

Pure PHP/ASP Upload Add-on Packs Major Update

It has been quite a while since we released two of our most powerful serve rside tools, the Pure PHP/ASP Upload Add-on Packs . Today, our developers are bringing a boosted versions of both of them that will give them additional power. Now they have improved dialog UI, better compatibility with Dreamweaver CS6 and more. Make sure to check out the brand new manual, where you'll find useful information on how to work with these add-on packs. Don't forget that the Pure ASP/PHP Add-on Pack requires Pure ASP/PHP Upload in order to work and by purchasing both you will get a discount from our shopping card.

Ajax DataGrid Improved and with a Special Price for a Week

Our awesome extension the Ajax DataGrid got updated. With this exceptional tool you can create Ajax based grids in just a few minutes. You can customize the grids to fit perfectly on your page, choose from many different options such as resizable columns, add search bar, records per page and many more. With this new version we improved the JavaScript file compression, now it works with even smaller files and loads them faster, new jQuery 1.7.2 and more. Below you can find the complete list.

Now you can take advantage of the special price and get the Ajax DataGrid with 50% off until next Wednesday!

Enhance Your Page with CSS3 Drop Shadows

In today's demo we will show you how you can enhance a simple product page and give it more depth. For that purpose we made a site for selling yachts and used several of our extensions. We added a menu with the Universal CSS Navigation Menu, Google Maps for the location and finally we put different shadow effects with the DMXzone CSS3 Drop Shadows.

Combine CSS3 Drop Shadows and Google Maps

DMXzone CSS3 Drop Shadows is an excellent tool for applying different shadow effects on your page and developing better user experience. In today's video tutorial Teodor Kuduschiev will show you how easy it is to add a shadow to your DMXzone Google Maps in just a few easy steps. If you haven't purchase the DMXzone CSS3 Drop Shadows yet, you can do it now and benefit from the special price!

What You Missed This Week

This week we released a brand new extension for you called DMXzone CSS3 Drop Shadows. This crafty tool will help you add different shadows effects on any element on your page. You can choose between five types of shadows: lifted, curved, perspective, curled and raised, pick up the sides positions and more. Make sure to check out the demos and video we made for you. We also want to congratulate the winners in our competition - Les Martin and Mark Rigby. Now you can get the DMXzone CSS3 Drop Shadows extension with a special introduction price and save €10/$12. Below you can find a complete list of DMXzone content.

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