Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart Released with a Special Price for a Week!

Creating a fully powered web shop with just a few clicks in Dreamweaver has never been easier. With DMXzone's latest addition, the Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart extension you'll deliver a complete shopping experience and sell easily products and services on your web site. Your users will be able to add products, change quantity, get rich discounts, automatically calculate tax and shipping costs and get a smooth PayPal checkout process.

Check out the video tutorials, showcases and the extension manual to see all the possibility that the extension offers and get it now, because until next Wednesday it's with a special price for €59/$78! For all our subscriptions holders this extensions is free of charge so all you need to do is download it.

Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart Features Unveiled

Just a day before the official release, we have a major preview of the most interesting features packed in our newest extension. In our amazing Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart, with a simple click, your users will add products and will get an easy PayPal checkout process. Fully manageable shopping cart with a great customizable appearance is just the tip of the iceberg among the great abilities of this Dreamweaver tool. You don't even need to have a dynamic database driven web site, it also works with simple HTML based pages.Supplied with beautiful CSS based skins, you can customize them to fit your design perfectly. These and many more you'll find in the detailed list of features that we posted below.

Stay tuned for the Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart coming tomorrow on DMXzone!

Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart Live Preview

We will begin this week with a live preview of our upcoming Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart.You can experience this Dreamweaver extension directly in the browser and see how easily your users can add items to it with a simple mouse click. The cart slides out and shows a preview of the selected items with the total cost. Once you checkout it redirects to your PayPal account where you can finalize the purchase.

Stay tuned for the Features in Detail coming tomorrow when we'll show you the great possibilities that this tool offers!

What You Missed This Week

This week we gave a start to our annual Easter sale with some awesome discounts. Until next Wednesday our All extensions access yearly and All extensions access 2 years subscriptions are with 20% discount! Check out what else came with a special price in the Sales sidebar on the left! Also, we've added great improvements to six of our Dreamweaver extensions.The full list of this week's DMXzone content can be found below.

Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart is Coming Next Week!

There was one missing piece in the DMXzone extensions puzzle but this is about to change with our upcoming release. Through the years we received a number of request for this particular tool and today we're happy to announce that it's ready to take its place among our extensions collection. Without any further delays, meet our Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart that will improve your PayPal integration. With just a simple click your users will add products to their cart and a beautiful sliding overlay will appear.

Stay tuned for more information about the features packed in this Dreamweaver extension, coming next week!

Easter Sale Continuous with More Discounts and Updates

Our Easter Sale continuous with 3 extensions that have been updated today, the Pure PHP Upload 3, Pure ASP Upload 3 and DMXzone Ajax Form. We've extended the special price for the Pure PHP Upload 3 , reduced the Pure ASP Upload 3 one and also made possible for you to cross-platform upgrade from ASP and PHP with even greater discount! Below you'll find the full lists of improvements for each tool and a stunning showcase that present an Ajax comment page with an upload solution, created with these amazing Dreamweaver extensions!

Don't forger that until next Wednesday our All extensions access yearly and All extensions access 2 years subscriptions are with 20% discount!

Easter Sale is Starting Today on DMXzone

There are only a few days left till Sunday when Easter falls this year so today we decided to give our annual Easter sale a start. With 100+ amazing Dreamweaver extensions and templates we're going big and until next Wednesday our All extensions access yearly and All extensions access 2 years subscriptions are available for purchase with 20% discount! More details about both subscription you'll find below! If you have any additional questions, please contact us via Live Support during business hours.

Advanced HTML Editor 3 & File Manager Improved

As promised yesterday, today we have a new updated version of our most popular Advanced HTML Editor 3 that comes also with an improvement of its File Manager Add-on. In the editor we added CSS styling that can be applied to inline selections as well as next to block elements, full compatibility with the Pure PHP Upload 3 extension and improved touch support for iOS and Android based devices. Explore the showcase that combines it with the File Manager Add-on and see how greatly you can manage a complete file library directly in your Advanced HTML Editor 3!

As part of our Easter sale, the Advanced HTML Editor 3 is with 50% discount until next Wednesday. For all our subscriptions holders this extensions are free of charge so all you need to do is download them.

Admin Panel with File Upload Solution

Our next Dreamweaver extension that is about to receive more powers is the Advanced HTML Editor 3 that can be easily turned into your own custom CMS with just a few clicks, directly from within Dreamweaver. This way you can make your websites dynamic and editable by your clients. Together with the Pure PHP Upload 3, today we will show you how to design an admin panel with an upload solution for your pages.

Stay tuned for the improved version of Advanced HTML Editor 3 coming tomorrow on DMXzone!

Smart Image Processor PHP 2 Comes Improved and on Sale

With last week's major release of Pure PHP Upload 3, more DMXzone extensions are about to get a boost in the next few days. The first one of the series is the Smart Image Processor PHP 2 that comes with improved: installer for DW CS6, UI, compatibility with PHP5+ and Pure PHP Upload 3. If you are not familiar with our most powerful image resize, enhancement and manipulation extension, check it out on its product page and see all the possibilities that it offers!

For a week time you can get the Smart Image Processor PHP 2 with 50% discount so hurry up!

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