HTML5 Slideshow Joins Improved the Summer Sale

We receive questions about the difference between DMXzone Nivo Slider and HTML5 Slideshow quite often. Both extensions offer an amazing image presentation and after yesterday's update of our Nivo Slider extension it's time that we bring you a newer, improved version of our other popular slider - the HTML5 Slideshow that brings your photos to life with the highest animation quality.

Now you don't have to choose between them because both are with 50% discount and if you purchase them together you'll also benefit from the multiple purchase discount as well so hurry up! The offer expires next Wednesday.

DMXzone Nivo Slider Comes with More Power and Special Price!

Have you ever been in the need of a beautiful slider with 16 unique transition effects? Meet the newly improved DMXzone Nivo Slider that is supplied with many customizable CSS skins to fit your design and awesome looking navigation controls. In the Nivo Slider 2.0.1 we also added the latest jQuery 1.10.1 and improved compatibility with Dreamweaver CC. Check out our newest showcase below and get it with 50% off until next Wednesday!

DMXzone Lightbox Improved and on Sale

We're starting the week with another improved extension that also joins the Summer Sale and for a week is with 50% discount! The updated DMXzone Lightbox 1.0.14 comes with the latest jQuery 1.10.1 and is now fully compatible with Dreamweaver CC when combined with other DMXzone tools. More of the improvements you can check out below and make sure to see the awesome showcase that we designed to get an idea what you can do with this great Dreamweaver extension.

What You Missed This Week

This week was full of extensions updates and new additions to the Summer Sale. We did a major improvement on DMXzone Bootstrap and added a new option where you can choose how to include your bootstrap files - normal, minified or even through CDN in order to achieve the fastest performance of your website. Also we updated its Bootstrap Elements tool and put it on sale with 50% discount.

Check out the full list of DMXzone content below and see what we improved and added to the DMXzone Summer Sale!

Universal CSS Transforms: Rotate Improved

A day before we head for the weekend we have one more improved extension ready for you. The Universal CSS Transforms: Rotate is the first of a series great CSS transformation effects that we released about three years ago and today it comes with full Dreamweaver CC compatibility, latest jQuery 1.10.1 and more. If you still haven't tried this awesome tool yet, download it now because it's free of charge, and make sure to check out the beautiful animation effects you can achieve with it in our showcase below!

Free Responsive Landing Page Template

With this week's updates of DMXzone Google Maps, Bootstrap and Bootstrap Elements we decided to combine them and create an awesome one page template. It has a fully responsive layout that looks great on any mobile device as well as desktop browser and great location map. The Responsive Landing Page Template is the perfect solution if you need a one page scrollable website without navigation and many pages.

It's super easy to customize it with the 3 DMXzone extensions and it's also for free!

New Options for File Include Featured in DMXzone Bootstrap

You asked for them, you got them! In the newly released DMXzone Bootstrap 1.1.0 you can choose how to include your bootstrap files - normal, minified or even through CDN in order to achieve the fastest performance of your website. Also we added an option that gives you the choice whether or not to automatically copy bootstrap files and inclusions. It's all done with a single click. In addition, the DMXzone Bootstrap Elements has also been updated and now they work together like a charm. Check out the full list of improvements for both extensions below and watch the video where we'll show you how to use the include options!

Make sure to update your DMXzone Bootstrap and get its Bootstrap Elements addition because it's with 50% off for a week!

Google Maps Gets More Power with Directions and Autocomplete

In addition to yesterday's update of DMXzone Google Maps we have improved versions for two of its add -ons -  the Google Maps Directions Add-on and Ajax Autocomplete, which can also be used as a stand alone extension in Dreamweaver. To show you how greatly they work together if you need to create a directions search field, we designed a showcase, where you can try them directly in your browser so check it out below.

To sweeten things a bit more, we also added the Google Maps Directions Add-on and Ajax Autocomplete to the DMXzone Summer Sale and now you can get them with 50% discount so hurry up!

Google Maps and DMXzone Updater Improvements

We're starting the week with two more improved extensions, DMXzone Google Maps and DMXzone Updater. With the bettered version of DMXzone Updater, now you can also keep an eye on your free extensions and update them directly in your Dreamweaver. Our DMXzone Google Maps comes with improvements for Dreamweaver CC and of course the latest jQuery 1.10.1.

Check out our newest showcase below and make sure to get the DMXzone Google Maps because it's with 50% discount for a week!

What You Missed This Week

In our weekly content summary you'll find all blog articles and showcases that we released during the week, as well as the updated DMXzone extensions this week. Our Summer Sale continues with six extensions that were discounted with 50% so check them out and complete your DMXzone extensions collections. Among the sales this week is the Advanced HTML Editor 3 and three or its add-ons - Online Page Editor, File Manager and Image Gallery.

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