What You Missed This Week

This week we paid attention to the HTML5 Image Enhancer tool and released its second version. Now the extension is fully responsive, we added 4 new image filters, new option for minimum and maximum width for optimal usage of responsive images and many more. Make sure to check out the showcases and the video tutorials we made for you. Get the HTML5 Image Enhancer on a special price with €10/$13 cheaper! Below you can find a complete list of DMXzone content.

DMXzone Uniform - Sneak Preview!

You want your forms to look exactly the same in any browser? Our upcoming Dreamweaver extension - the DMXzone Uniform is the solution. With this great tool you can style any drop down menu, file field, radio button, checkbox and input, directly in Dreamweaver. Change the most commonly used form elements with custom designed ones for greater user experience. It works perfectly with your real form elements to ensure accessibility and compatibility. The DMXzone Uniform is supplied with a few designer themes so you can choose the one that fits your website the most.

Design Enhanced Images for Responsive Layout

As promised earlier today, we filmed a video tutorial in which you can learn how to set the HTML5 Image Enhancer width in percents so that the images effects fit a responsive layout and any screen size. This new option is available since yesterday in the HTML5 Image Enhancer 2.0 version so if you don't have this awesome tool now is the time to get it. For existing owners, the upgrade is free of charge!

More Responsive Image Enhancements

Today we have more awesome ideas how to implement the new HTML5 Image Enhancer 2.0 extension in your current projects. Using only a few filters and different border colors you can improve your user experience in now time and with a great impact on your viewers. All effects are executed on hover so check out the showcase below and stay tuned later for our video tutorial on how to design responsive enhanced images.

The HTML5 Image Enhancer is on sale until next Wednesday for only €25/$35!

HTML5 Image Enhancer 2.0 Released!

Today we have another great update for you, the HTML5 Image Enhancer version 2.0. Thanks to the new responsive feature, you can enhance your images and make them look great on any desktop browser or mobile device. Also we added new options for minimum and maximum width for optimal usage of responsive images and 4 new filters. This new release is free of charge for existing HTML5 Image Enhancer owners so download it and improve your projects!

The HTML5 Image Enhancer is on sale until next Wednesday for only €25/$35!

Stunning Web Animations and Responsive Nivo Slider

A day before the Sale for the Advanced CSS Animator and DMXzone Nivo Slider ends we offer you more stunning ideas with those 2 great Dreamweaver tools. In the first showcase we animated a whole page with beautiful rotating elements, moving clouds, flying jet and rounding menu button corners. In the second one, again we designed a Nivo Slider that fits on a responsive layout greatly. Check them out below and hurry up because until tomorrow both extensions are with a discount!

Make Your DMXzone Nivo Slider Fit Any Device

A good way to utilize the space on your page and offer as much information as possible is to make a slideshow showcasing the products/services. In today's modern world, mobile devices are everywhere, so making your webpage responsive is vital. We created a video tutorial to show you how easy it is to made the DMXzone Nivo Slider responsive.

Until Wednesday you can purchase the DMXzone Nivo Slider with €10/$14 cheaper!

What You Missed This Week

This week two of our most beloved extensions got updated. The DMXzone Nivo Slider came with a huge boost and now you can make fully responsive slideshows. The Advanced CSS Animator is the other tool we enhanced. The extension works better with border radius animations, has improved color animations for the latest browsers and more. Make sure to check out the showcase for more inspiration. Until Wednesday both the DMXzone Nivo Slider and  the Advanced CSS Animator are on Sale with great discounts! Below you can find a complete list of DMXzone content.

Customized Nivo Slider Navigation Showcase

CSS is an amazing language that gives infinite customization opportunities, especially when it comes to the DMXzone extensions. In today's "get inspired" lesson we'll show you how awesomely you can customize the DMXzone Nivo Slider navigation in order to match the website design. To aim this we added starfishes and glossier buttons, which can be viewed in the showcase below.

Stunning Responsive Restaurant Menu

The new responsive functionality of the DMXzone Nivo Slider brings many new possibilities, especially if you want to use it on a mobile website version. For today's showcase we used this great new feature and also the Light design, which is one of the eight we added in the latest update.

Don't forget that the DMXzone Nivo Slider is discounted and you can get it for only €29/$40!

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