Dreamweaver CC Released with Amazing New Features

After its first official appearance on Adobe MAX 2013 over a month ago, the new Dreamweaver CC is finally released and available for download, and now you can experience all its new features and again use all our powerful extensions in it. We've uploaded the needed ZXP files on each extension product page so if you're already using Dreamweaver CC, download and continue to work with your tools. With the cut of server behaviors, you'll need an additional extension installed in DW CC to use DMXzone Server Side extensions so stay tuned for more details coming later today!

One Page Scrollable Bootstrap Page with Elements

Very similar to our One Page Scrollable Template is today's showcase, where we offer a one page scrollable, fully responsive layout, completely designed with DMXzone Bootstrap and its Elements add-on. The content is made with headings and text elements, as well as images with circle styling. Also we used table, list and form. Check out this beautiful showcase below and get the DMXzone Bootstrap Elements with a discount as the special offer ends on Wednesday!

DMXzone Presentation from Adobe Max - Now on Adobe TV

Just a month ago DMXzone's CEO & founder George Petrov co-hosted a presentation about Creating the Modern Web with Dreamweaver and Creative Cloud at the annual Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles, California. He presented the already available for free download - DMXzone Bootstrap, an amazing extension with fantastic Dreamweaver integration for creating fully responsive website layouts. Additionally, we developed an add-on - DMXzone Bootstrap Elements that comes with 35 ready to go elements for DMXzone Bootstrap.

In the second part of the video you can see more details about the upcoming HTML5 Data Bindings extension that will substitute the cut off of server behaviors in the new Dreamweaver CC. Set for official release next week, the HTML5 Data Bindings will provide a new technology within DW for binding any public or custom data source so check it out below.

What You Missed This Week

If you couldn't follow us on a daily basis during the week, here's our full list of content that we released the past five days. After months of development the DMXzone Bootstrap Elements was finally released. Its 35 ready to go elements will improve any website layout and give it the final touch. Below you will find several showcases that we already created with it as well as useful video tutorials on how to use this amazing extension so check it out.

Until next Wednesday, DMXzone Bootstrap Elements is with a special price and you can get it for €59/$81.

Showing Buttons When Hovering Thumbnail

Some of you already noticed the button group element that appears when hovering the image thumbnail in our yesterday's showcase Travel Agency Destination Page. In this video tutorial we will show you how to create a page layout using DMXzone Bootstrap, add advanced thumbnails with DMXzone Bootstrap Elements and add button group element inside the thumbnail that will popup on mouse over with some CSS styling. Check out the video below and note that the Elements are currently on sale until next Wednesday!

Travel Agency Template Coming Next Week
Today's demo is a follow up of our Travel Agency with Bootstrap Elements showcase. In this second page, again we used DMXzone Bootstrap and Elements for the layout and the content. The featured elements vary from images to tables, address, labels, headings and many more. Also we added DMXzone Google Maps for the location. Stay tuned for the complete template wit more pages coming next week and make sure to get the DMXzone Bootstrap Elements until next Wednesday as it's with a special price for a week.
DMXzone Bootstrap Elements Released with a Special Price

Today, we're extremely proud and happy to announce the official availability of DMXzone Bootstrap Elements extension. After months of development, it's finally ready to give you the power of 35 ready to use and fully customizable Bootstrap elements. Now, with the updated version of DMXzone Bootstrap, not only you can design awesome, responsive layouts but also add different elements to your content to make it look even greater. Check out the showcases, video tutorials and the extension manual to explore its powers!

DMXzone Bootstrap Elements extension runs only on Dreamweaver CS5.5+ (Mac and Windows)!

Download for free the latest DMXzone Bootstrap and get DMXzone Bootstrap Elements with a special price of €59/$81, available until next Wednesday!

Travel Blog with Bootstrap Elements

Our last showcase before we make the DMXzone Bootstrap Elements available tomorrow is an amazing travel blog page that features elements such as media, alerts, layouts, badges, labels, and thumbnails. With all these elements, it's extremely easy to design beautiful layouts with stunning content, and useful alerts and notifications. Make sure that you step by tomorrow for some video tutorials and other information on how to work with it!

Bootstrap Elements Features Part 3 - Layouts, Thumbnails, Media

This is the third and last part of DMXzone Bootstrap Elements that covers labels, badges, layouts, thumbnails, progress bars, alerts and media. With a single click in your bootstrap layout you can add any element and customize it to fit your design. With their lightweight styles your pages will run fast and smooth. Check out the details below and stay tuned for the official release tomorrow.

Product Page with Bootstrap Elements
For this product page we used some of DMXzone Bootstrap Elements that we showed you earlier today in the second part of our features series. It's completely built with button groups for the price, info and purchase, image elements for the products preview, and pagination and breadcrumbs for easy navigation. Check out the showcase below and stay tuned for Bootstrap Elements Features Part 3 later today.
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