Working with Repeat Children Regions

Yesterday we released this super-useful video tutorial on how to Create a repeat region and display the data from a database. Today, we have a follow up movie, in which you can see how it's done but with a repeat children region. All you need to do is create a database connection with DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP and from the data source tree, select the repeating element and apply the repeat children region to the unordered list, using the HTML5 Data Bindings panel.

Smart Mailer with Power Boost

It's been quite some time since we released Smart Mailer PHP/ASP to the public but since then it's been one of the most helpful extensions that our developers created and today it comes with some more special powers. It's fully compatible with the latest Dreamweaver CC 2015 and you can offer your clients the ability to send HTML mails based on a template (either on your machine or at a URL), each personalized with the recipient's name. You can add attachments to everyone, or a group of people, there's progress bars while you're sending them - all this in an external PHP include file, so just a couple of lines on your page.

Until next Wednesday you can get Smart Mailer PHP/ASP with discount so hurry up!

Create a Repeat Region and Display the Data from a Database

Due to the many requests that we received during the past few days, here's the long awaited video tutorial in which we will show you how to create a repeat region and display data from a database, using our most favorite HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP extensions. It's easily done, all you need to do is create a database connection and from the data source tree, select the repeating element and the repeat region option from the dropdown inn HTML5 Data Bindings panel. Make sure to check out the video below for the step by step instructions.

What You Missed This Week

If you couldn't follow us during the week, it's Friday and it's time for our wrapped up version of released content during the week. We know that most of you are already enjoying your vacation but we continue to improve our DMXzone tools, so if you're using HTML5 Data Bindings and  HMTL5 Data Bindings SEO PHP/ASP you might want to check what's new in the latest versions. Also make sure to see our latest showcase, where we used the HTML5 Animate CSS to animate detail and repeat regions.

Improved Data Bindings and SEO

Search engines such as Google and Bing are excellent at indexing HTML but not so much when it comes to understanding JavaScript and crawling AJAX content. HMTL5 Data Bindings SEO PHP/ASP is the right tool to create AJAX Apps with searchable dynamic content, instantly and today it comes with improved server compatibility and query string handling, and improved support for dynamic URL parameters. In addition, our developers updated the HTML5 Data Bindings for even smoother animations when used with HTML5 Animate CSS.

Animated Portfolio with Repeat and Detail Regions

We're starting the week with a great improvement of our most awesome HTML5 Animate CSS extension.  With its 35 gorgeous animations to choose from and the dedicated floating panel, you can virtually animate HTML elements, repeat and detail regions from HTML5 Data Bindings for fantastic presentations of your rich, dynamic web sites and mobile apps. With the latest update you'll have the smoothest animations ever, which you can experience in our latest showcase below.

What You Missed This Week

Again, it's Friday and it's time for our weekly content summary, where you can catch up with the latest releases, updates, showcases and more. Make sure to check out our last addition to the Summer Sale as we have the mighty All Extensions Access Yearly Subscription included with 20% discount until next Wednesday. Not only it will grant you access to 100+ high-quality extensions but also to all our design templates so now will be the best time to switch to a subscription if you still haven't done it yet.

Our Yearly Subscription Closes Down the Summer Sale

During the past few weeks we updated all our DMXzone extensions so you can use them in the latest Dreamweaver CC 2015 and as expected, it's time that we include our All Extensions Access Yearly Subscription in our Summer Sale. With access to 100+ high-quality extensions, worth thousands of dollars, you should consider switching to a subscription as it will save you a lot of money. Not only you can use all DMXzone extensions for a year but you'll also have access to our templates, free of charge.

Until next Wednesday you can get the All Extensions Access Yearly Subscription with 20% discount so hurry up!

You Can Never Get Enough of Bootstrap 3

The reason why we absolutely adore using the Bootstrap 3 extensions is that with 3 simple extensions you can achieve so much. Not only DMXzone Bootstrap 3 does a fully responsive web page or web app layouts but it's also supplied with mobile first design and a dedicated floater gives you a quick access to all the options you need. In addition to the layout, of course you'll need elements such as tables, forms, buttons, images and icons, and elements for typography, pagination, labels and badges, layouts and more, which you can easily add with DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements. Last but not least, for the most awesome menus you can use DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation. Make sure to check out our latest showcase below, which features all 3 extensions.

What You Missed This Week

It's been an exciting week at the DMXzone headquarter. You probably already noticed our collaboration with Adobe, who offer you $400 discount on Adobe MAX ticket, so if you decide to go make sure to use the promo code and stop by to say hi. We have some more awesome news regarding this year's MAX, which we'll share pretty soon so stay tuned. Until then you can check out our latest updates and additions to the Summer Sale, which is nearing its end. Below you'll find a list of our latest showcases and blog post in case you missed something during the week.

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