File System Connector Features Highlights
Last but not least, we would like to show you some of the great features that our developers included in the extension. Before we release DMXzone File System Connector tomorrow, you can see a small part of them. We promise to include all features in the user's manual so check out what we picked out for you today.
File System Connector is Coming this Wednesday!

Last week we showed you the basic things you can do with our upcoming DMXzone File System Connector. Two days before it's official release, we have a record of great reasons why you should definitely get it and why it is so useful for your work. From the ability to list any server folder on your page to calculate your folder size, it is all possible so make sure to check out the list below. 

Experience the Power of State Management Live

If you're still wondering what you can do with the mighty HTML5 Data Bindings State Management extension, we have the answer for you. Our latest showcase is an example of a voting contest, where the users are allowed to vote once per 24 hours on their favorite image. But how is this possible? It's quite simple: when a vote is casted, a cookie is created to store that vote and the button becomes disabled, something you can easily do with the extension.

Sorting Folder List with the Upcoming File Connector

Our next video of the series, which we'll show you before we make the DMXzone File System Connector public, is a step by step tutorial to teach you how to sort folder list by size. This is a highly useful feature if you want to find out which files take the most and the least space by simply arranging them in ascending or descending order. So have a look as it's quite easy to do, once you have the right tool.

DMXzone File System Connector - The Basics
While our developers are giving the DMXzone File System Connector its final touches, we have a series of video tutorials, which we promised to share with you. To start easy on this upcoming extension, we will show you one of its core features - the ability to list the contents of a folder on your web page. So make sure to check it out because we'll have more coming in the next few days. 
Powerful Data Sources and Server Side File Management

We're on fire and so are our developers! Next week we will have another extension to add to your server side tools collection and it's awesome. It will allow you to list any folder on your server and use it as a dynamic data source. Move, rename, duplicate and even erase files on the server as you desire. You can already check our video tutorials to experience the power of the upcoming DMXzone File System Connector.

What You Missed This Week

It's Friday and it's time to wrap up the things we did during the week so if you couldn't follow us on a daily basis here's what happened. We released one highly useful extension called HTML5 Data Bindings State Management, which you should look further into it. It's accompanied by video tutorials and great user manual to help you working with it. Check out below for the full list of contents.

Google Finally Indexes Dynamic Ajax Driven Web Pages

Back in the days when we released HTML5 Data Bindings and the concept of dynamic Ajax driven web pages there was one big concern. Search engines such as Google and Bing were excellent at indexing HTML but not so much when it came to understanding JavaScript and crawling AJAX content. But now, we're happy to share with you that this is not the case anymore and after so many years they finally do! As long as you're not blocking Googlebot from crawling your JavaScript or CSS files, Google is generally able to render and understand your web pages like modern browsers.

It's official: Meet HTML5 Data Bindings State Management

It's Wednesday as you are already aware, great news come first on our blog. We're happy to announce the official release of HTML5 Data Bindings State Management extension, which we talked about the last couple of days. So if you're curious about this great addition to the numerous server side tools we already have, you should definitely check it out. Also, you can explore its power live in our showcase below.

Getting Started with State Management

Just a day before the official release of HTML5 Data Bindings State Management, we offer you two amazing videos, which will walk you through various cases, when you'll need the extension. Both step by step tutorials will guide you through the process of keeping a pagination state, setting a cookie and filtering a query so make sure to check those as the results are astonishing and you'll find the extension highly useful for your pages.

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