HTML5 Slideshow 2 Released and on Sale

This week we're happy to announce the official release of our newest Dreamweaver extension. Create mind-blowing HTML5 presentation with the HTML5 Slideshow 2. Choose amazing effects from the famous director, Ken Burns to slowly zoom and pan across your photos, or use the many transitions available. The slideshow includes navigation controls in many styles so it fits your site perfectly, and many more.

Until next Wednesday you can get HTML5 Slideshow 2 on sale and even greater discount if you already own HTML5 Slideshow.

HTML5 Slideshow Features in Detail

Just a day before the official release of HTML5 Slideshow 2 you can explore the features highlights that our developers included in this newest release. Choose amazing effects from the famous director, Ken Burns to slowly zoom and pan across your photos, or use the many transitions available. The slideshow includes navigation controls in many styles so it perfectly fits your site. Stay tuned for the official release tomorrow!

HTML5 Slideshow 2 to be Released on Wednesday

Our next generation HTML5 Slideshow, is on its way and today we're happy to announce that we'll be releasing it on Wednesday. Among the amazing Ken Burns moving effects, which you're already familiar with, it's also supplied with great HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP integration, and you can provide for your slideshows from a local file, public feed or dynamic data source. Our developers also made it fully responsive so now it looks amazing on any mobile device as well as desktop browser. Stay tuned for the features in detail coming tomorrow.

What You Missed This Week

If you couldn't follow us on a daily basis, make sure to check out our weekly content summary where you'll find everything that we released the last few days. We have numerous updated DMXzone extensions and awesome showcases that will inspire you for your next project. Also, until next Wednesday you can get DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP and DMXzone Nivo Slider 3 with discount because we put them on sale.

DMXzone Nivo Slider 3 Improved and on Sale

We have one more DMXzone extension that got updated this week and today DMXzone Nivo Slider 3 comes with improved show and hide slide events for better compatibility and avoid usage of onfocus and onblur, for unwanted scrolling behavior. Now, you can also use DMXzone Behavior Connector on dynamic galleries with HTML5 Data Bindings. Make sure to check out our latest showcases where we used custom-styled navigation and captions and get DMXzone Nivo Slider 3 as we also put it on sale until next Wednesday.

DMXzone Database Extensions Improved

Today, we have an amazing pack of DMXzone extensions that have been improved. It features HTML5 Data Bindings, DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP, DMXzone Database Updater PHP/ASP and HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter. Make sure to check out the full lists of improvements below or in the History tab on each product page and see what our developers included in these updates.

Until next Wednesday our beloved DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP is on sale with great discount.

Design Inspiration that You Need Today

We're starting the week with an awesome showcase. We designed a fully responsive page, which contains two calendars (DMXzone Calendar 3) for date range selection. The first one is where you can enter the start date, which also becomes minimum date in the end date calendar. Also, HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter calculates the days in the range and multiplies them by the price per day ($200). When the date range is selected the total amount of money to be paid appears below the form.

If you still don't have DMXzone Calendar 3, hurry up because the special offer expires on Wednesday. 

Format and Insert Dates into your Database

Today, we have one more video tutorial, related to our newest release, which it will walk you through the process of properly formatting and inserting dates into your database, using DMXzone Calendar 3 and DMXzone Database Updater PHP/ASP. The updater is a powerful extension when it comes to defining and connecting your database update actions so check out the video and see what you can achieve with it and the calendar tool.

DMXzone Calendar 3 Released and on Sale

Today, we're happy to announce our next addition to the DMXzone extensions family. Add DMXzone Calendar 3 to any of your sites and experience the power of this awesome date picker. It's fully customizable with all international and custom date formats so it can serve your users from various locations. The extension is supplied with 24 designer skins to match your site design and speaks 35 different languages. You can choose between many options for the calendar appearance, navigation and even add amazing animation effects when the date picker opens/closes. These and many more features you'll find in our newest release.

Until next Wednesday DMXzone Calendar 3 is on sale and if you already own the previous version (DMXzone Calendar 2) you can get even bigger discount by upgrading to it.

DMXzone Calendar 3 Features in Detail
We did our best to summarize the features highlights in one post and here's the result. Below you can explore the amazing functionality that our developers added in the upcoming DMXzone Calendar 3 extension. Along with the great HTML5 Data Bindings and Formatter integration, you can also use DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP and create dynamic calendars with ease. These and many more you can view in our Features in detail. Stay tuned for the official release tomorrow!
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